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GRG Ceiling Tiles

GRG ceilings define, enhance and highlight areas within a building. They can take many forms, as lowered soffits, raised coffers, circular or elliptical shapes, lighting troughs with concealed lighting, slopes & angles, or any combination of the above.

We have developed methods to integrate GRG sections seamlessly with areas of plasterboard ceilings.

Our spray-plaster techniques offer an extremely high quality standard. This creates the ultimate monolithic finish, with the entire surface covered

in a thin coat of plaster. With our expert designers, and skilled ceiling install teams, we are able to complete full project intallation works.

Benefits of GRG Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles have been used in construction for thousands of years. These tiles have numerous benefits as compared to plaster ceilings, when it comes to appearance, durability and versatility.

1. Adds Value to Your Home
Metal ceiling tiles are long lasting, durable and elegant. They are available in different price ranges. These tiles add value to any building, so it is always a wise investment to install metal ceiling tiles in your home.

2. Adds Strength to the Structure
Because they are made of metal, these ceiling tiles are impervious to many of the factors that would be damaging to a normal plaster ceiling. Metal ceiling tiles do not rot, crack or absorb moisture and are a solid means of adding strength to a building.

3. Resistant to Moisture
A major disadvantage of plaster ceilings is their weakness when it comes to moisture. Accumulated water or condensation can severely damage plaster ceilings. This damage can only be rectified with costly repairs, or in some cases, reconstruction. Metal ceilings are impervious to moisture, which adds to their long-lasting qualities.

4. Resistant to Cracks and Damage
Unlike plaster ceilings that can crack or warp with time and other factors such as moisture, a metal ceiling retains its shape and beauty for ages. These tiles are also resistant to peeling, unlike plaster ceilings. Once you install metal ceiling tiles in your home or office, you do not have to worry about upkeep or repairs for a very long time.

5. Available in Many Styles and Finishes
Metal ceiling tiles are available in many finishes such as steel, copper, brass, chrome and aluminum. You can also purchase them in a variety of effects such as bare, polished or powder coated.

6. Can be Painted to Match any Décor
Metal ceiling tiles have the great advantage that they can be finished to suit any existing décor. You can even paint over them to suit the colors and ambiance in your home or office. This makes metal ceiling tiles very versatile choices for any project.

7. Require Minimal Maintenance
Once installed, metal ceiling tiles require minimal care and maintenance. All you need to do is regularly dust the tiles and wipe them when required. This will ensure that your metal ceiling tiles last for a long time, in great condition.

8. Has Superior Fire and Moisture Resistance Properties
Metal ceiling tiles are resistant to mold and mildew, which can cause severe problems in a building's structure. Because they are made of metal, these tiles also have higher resistance to fire, making them safer.

9. Easy to Install
Available in several patterns and interlocked models, metal ceiling tiles are much lighter and easier to install than regular plaster ceilings. Installation also takes much lesser time.

10. Ideal for Covering Imperfections Metal ceiling tiles are ideal for easy coverings over unsightly plaster ceilings that are in need of repair. The ease of installation and added beauty of these tiles make them ideal for renovation and repair.